Players can play in a division above their age bracket, but not lower. Please note that divisions are based on birthdate and not grade. This is an NCR rule that we are required to abide by. Our goal is to place the girls on their age corresponding team, but there have been circumstances in the past that have required some girls to be placed one level up due to numbers and skill reasons. The divisions are as follows:

18U Division: Players who were born on or after Sept. 1, 2002
17U Division: Players who were born on or after Sept. 1, 2003
16U Division: Players who were born on or after Sept. 1, 2004
15U Division: Players who were born on or after Sept. 1, 2005
14U Division: Players who were born on or after Sept. 1, 2006
13U Division: Players who were born on or after Sept. 1, 2007
12U Division: Players who were born on or after Sept. 1, 2008

Fee Structure

The fee for Lake Central Volleyball Club covers our NCR individual and team fees, gym rental fees, WCER per player fees, coaching fees, equipment costs, and tournament fees. 

2019-2020 Fee Payment Schedule and Due Dates 
  Dec 20 Jan 5 Jan 15 Total with new jersey ordered        Total keeping last year's jersey






CHECKS SHOULD BE PAYABLE TO "Lake Central Volleyball Club" or "LCVC". 

A family discount of $50.00 will be issued to any family with two or more daughters in the program. The discount will be deducted from your final payment amount due.

Payment reminders will be sent via email, announced at practice, and posted on the web site. It is your responsibility to remember to pay your fees on time. If you need special payment arrangements, please contact the Club Director via email at . Failure to stay current on your fees will affect your daughter's eligibility to play. Payment must be made in full prior to the first tournament.

Each player’s first payment is due at the time of the tryout and is nonrefundable once the player is assigned to a team. No refunds will be given for players who drop out due to dissatisfaction with team assignment. If a player decides immediately after the tryout, before teams are announced, that they don’t want to participate, the fee may be refunded. Partial refunds will be considered due to player injury which prohibits player from playing the majority of the season, if a doctor’s note is provided.


Practices will begin January 5th and will run through April, with 1-2 practices per week and 3-6 tournaments per age group.  Practices will be held for 2 hours on Sundays only to begin with, with a second weeknight practice added the end of February or beginning of March. 


The 13U – 17U teams will play at least 5 tourneys starting in March through early to mid-May. Tournaments are played either Saturdays or Sundays.  The 11U & 12U teams will play 4 tournaments and or playdates.  The coaches will choose their team’s tournament dates and locations.  If you know your daughter will be gone/unavailable any weekend(s) (Feb-May), please let her coach know ASAP.  The 13U team will only be playing Sunday tournaments/playdates, unless they play a tournament after April 14th. 

As parents, you are responsible to get your daughter to each and every practice and tournament. 

Your team’s coach will be responsible to communicate your team’s tournament and practice schedule to you.  Email is the easiest form of communication, so please give a valid email address and check it regularly. Team schedules will be posted on the website as well, but the coach has the authority to make schedule changes and will have notices out to you faster than the website will be updated.

Tryouts & Teams

Tryouts allows us to determine the number of girls in each age group and evaluate skill levels. It is imperative that we form the teams in November to allow us time to register the teams in tournaments for the coming months. (If we waited until January, we would lose out on openings in many area tourneys).

Teams will be formed based on number of girls in each age group and skill levels, with a goal to have approximately 8-10 girls on each team. The number of girls trying out determines the number of teams we will have and the age division at which they will play. All girls must tryout with their own age group, though as stated earlier, some may be moved up one level when teams are made.

While it is our desire to place every girl on a team, circumstances outside of our control may not allow that to happen. Be assured we will do the best we can with what we have. 


It is extremely important that each player on an LCVC team be committed to attending all practices and tournaments as much as possible. While we realize conflicts do arise and that schoolwork and school activities need to come first, habitual and repeated absences by a player affect the progress and morale of the entire team – especially in tournament situations. If your schedule will not allow your daughter to participate in at least 75% of the practices and tournaments, then perhaps J.O. volleyball is not for her. Any absences from practice and tournaments must be approved by the coach ahead of time.  Coaches reserve the right to penalize playing time due to unapproved and/or excessive practice absences.


For the Players:

  • She will come to practice and be on the court, ready to work, 5-10 minutes prior to the practice start time
  • She will come to the tournament at the time her coach dictates, but no less than 30-40 minutes prior to her first match.
  • She will work hard at practice and do everything she is instructed to do
  • She will give her all in a tournament
  • She will win with humility and lose with grace
  • She will treat and speak to her coach with utmost respect
  • She will treat and speak to her teammates with utmost respect
  • She will not speak degradingly to, or about, her teammates or coach
  • She will treat and speak to opponents, their coaches, and the referee’s with utmost respect
  • If she has a concern regarding playing time or anything else she deems unfair, she will first talk to her coach by herself. If she feels the coach’s feedback was unsatisfactory, she can ask you (the parent) to meet with the coach with her too. If you and she are still unsatisfied, then you may involve the board by requesting a meeting or phone call via email at

For the Parents:

  • Your most important job is to be a fountain of encouragement, not just for your child, but for the whole team
  • Know your daughter will make mistakes, and so will her teammates. They will know they screwed up and don’t need to hear it from their cheering section.
  • Be the classiest parents at every tournament
  • Remember this is all about your daughter and her teammates, not you
  • Remember that the coaches and the board are human and will likely make mistakes
  • Know that your daughter’s coach is sacrificing her personal time to invest in your daughter
  • Understand your daughter’s coach has no ulterior motives…she simply wants to improve her team’s skills, win some matches, provide a positive experience for your daughter, and instill a love for the awesome game of volleyball into your daughter’s sweet heart
  • Do not speak poorly of your daughter’s teammates or coach to your daughter, or behind their backs
  • Please, please, please do not rehash every error (hers or her team’s) in the car on the way home. Ask her if she had fun, and let her know you loved watching her play
  • Know that the coach will place high expectations on the girls. Your job is to encourage your daughter to work hard, have good sportsmanship, and have fun.
  • Your daughter has one coach…the one on the bench. Hearing you coach from the bleachers creates confusion and undermines her coach, so please refine from making “suggestions”

Officiating Clinic

Each player is required to complete online training this year IF you did not compelte the training last year.  You will learn the rules, how to keep score, and officiate a volleyball game. There are no paid officials at J.O. tourneys – the girls and coaches officiate the games themselves. 

Online Officiating Instructions

Communications:  Communication to team members and parents regarding J.O. volleyball will be via email and/or text message from the Director and/or your team’s coach. Each coach is responsible for communications to his/her team but we will use the web site  and Facebook page as much as possible to facilitate communications for the club. We may also ask for parent volunteers to serve as a team's Communications person to assist the coach. It is essential that your coach have a working email address for your family so that you will receive all team updates. Please direct your questions to your coach or the club Director.

Clothing Order

A Rambow store with some clothing options will be opened in November if you’d like to purchase something. An email will go out when it’s open, it will be put on Facebook, and also on the website.

Contact information & Information sites

Text @2019lcv to 81010 to sign up for Remind notifications.

Each coach will give his/her contact information to their teams at the first practice.